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Start-Up Advisory

C&W helps Startups at every point, starting from Trademark, Patent registration, and negotiating with Venture Capitalists or be it the dissolution of the company. Even minor shortcomings can result in significant financial losses in the future, particularly when an investor enters the company. 


For the aforementioned reasons, you shall verify the following:

  • Major shortcomings in the contracts/business procedures; 

  • Product feasibility in legal terms and applicable rules;

  • Legal Compliances; 

  • Steps  to mitigate risks; 

  • Product rights to fully capitalize; 

  • Type of tax liabilities; 

  • Kind of Licenses required; 

  • Alignment of the Internal Management and Functioning;

  • Eligibility under any Government scheme or offers; 

  • Any Other Legal Aspects.

​Clergy and Wisemen Start-Up advisory services:


  • End To End Solution 

  • Avisory 

  • Legal Management 

  • Compliance

  • Due Diligence

  • Corporate litigation

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